Duarte Carrilho da Graça


From a designer with leadership experience looking for a challenging venture

My name is Duarte, and I am a designer open to exciting new challenges. Previously, I led the Shopping Incentives design team at Klarna and had a lengthy tenure at The Guardian. There, I was responsible for the iOS and Android apps, among other projects.

At Klarna, I crafted the UX vision for the Consumer Incentives domain. I led a team of five designers, using comprehensive UX research and business insights to drive strategic decisions and cross-functional collaboration. My approach was all about bringing people together, from running inclusive ideation workshops to aligning six different product teams and giving engaging presentations. These efforts really brought our teams and goals into alignment.

On a daily basis, I optimised our workflow using agile methodologies. I brought in Kanban and shook up our usual routines with async standups and weekly tacticals. These changes made our work sharper and helped the team adapt faster. Plus, I got to mentor a wide group fantastic designers from different parts of our company. I provided career guidance, advocated during promotion and salary reviews, and nurtured an environment of growth through personalised development plans.

At The Guardian, I led transformative redesigns of the iOS and Android apps, which boosted app ratings and subscriptions. I also spearheaded award-winning accessible storytelling projects in collaboration with Google and RNIB. These projects significantly enhanced user engagement and accessibility. My track record underscores my ability to deliver meaningful and impactful user-centered designs. I am eager to bring these qualities to new challenges and environments that value innovation and user engagement.

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I am based in Stockholm