Duarte Carrilho da Graça


From a designer with leadership experience
looking for a challenging venture

My name is Duarte and I am currently Domain Design Leader at Klarna. I am searching for a truly creative workplace looking to create long-term relationships with their audience.

In my current role, I am responsible for defining the UX-vision for my domain and manage the day-to-day work for five designers in my team. Creating the vision includes developing ideas together with my team, but also to coordinate them with other domains and to present them to the C-suite. To harness the power of a diverse group of people, I have developed a template aiming to discover areas where stakeholders might diverge in their needs or requirements. I believe in designing in an environment open to feedback and to different points of view. In my team we try to achieve this through shared ownership and close collaboration with each other, other disciplines and by truly caring for the end user.

On a daily basis, I help the team out with prioritization, breakdown of work or, when requested, provide feedback. I have worked on improving the quality control of our deliverables by introducing a working method based on a kanban board and agile ceremonies such as stand-up, refinement och retros.

Beyond this, I am also UX Design Competence Lead for four additional designers from other domains. In this role, I mentor and help guide career growth to be able to participate on their behalf in the promotions and salary process. I also interview and hire new designers based on skill-sets that are lacking at that moment.

While living in London, I worked at The Guardian for a few years and treasured the feeling of creating impactful design for an audience with whom we had a valuable and long-lasting relationship. I believe I can sense the same level of care in your products and the same level of purpose and camaraderie in your workplace.

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